25911 S. Ridgeland Ave

Monee IL.60449


Fan Shroud

These pieces were made as parts of a fan shoud to be used in the agriculture industry. The pieces on the left are the two halfs of a compound shallow cylinder made of stainless steel. The part on the right is the piece to be placed over the fan, and it is made of plate steel rolled and welded into the desired formation.


This diffuser was made to be used in a steam ventilation system. The piece consists of a heavy steel cylinder in which holes with staggered centeres were drilled. Fabrication of this piece required use of a 5-axis machining system so that each hole can be drilled precisely.

Decorative Columns

These aluminum columns, used in construction of a public building, are an example of K-Met's ability to create parts that are both functional and in line with modern style and design. Since fabrication, the columns have been powder coat painted and installed.

Hammer Sections

Machined out of thick steel, these hammer sections will be used to crush natural materials in the agriculture industry. The solid design of these parts is critical to ensuring that they are durable and reliable, as all K-Met parts are assured to be.

Steel Form

This steel form was designed and built to assist in the casting of concrete side barriers on the Interstate System. The sturdy construction of all parts is a main focus for K-Met, as all parts serve important purposes and must be built to last.